Originally trained as a photojournalist, with additional experience in a traditional film-based portrait studio, Heidi combines the technical skills of her craft with a passion for capturing the dynamic and engaging moments of her clients.

Splitting her time between commercial assignments and portraiture, she approaches each session with the goal of creating a range of images, from simple posed shots to completely candid expressions.

After graduating with an MA in Image & Communication from Goldsmiths College, she lived in London for 13 years, returning to Illinois with her husband and three children in 2006. In addition to operating a successful business in La Grange, she volunteers photographic services to a number of charitable causes, and is the co-founder of SHOOTALONG.COM and PHOTO CHARITY HUB.

Name: Heidi

Other names: H Samantha, H, pretz, heids, mom, mumma

Shoot: Nikon (25+ years is a hard habit to break)

Edit: Mac

Favorite ice cream: Coconut

Most interesting place I’ve lived: Deptford

Neato place I’ve worked: The Economist

Most famous person I ever sat next to in Starbucks: Robin Williams

Favorite saying: Get off the cross, we could use the wood.

Pizza: Mushroom, spinach and olive

Education: Plenty

Favorite lens: 70-200mm 2.8f

Motto: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Charities & Associations: NAPCP, PPA, Tiny Sparrow, St Baldricks, The Angel Band Project

Secret talent: Ear wiggling

Best vacation spot: Kefalonia

Husband: Strong silent type

Often heard saying: You will probably find it under your bed.

Best job: Taking pictures.