Facebook, Instagram, email marketing... the way that small businesses interact with their customers has changed. To keep customers engaged it's now necessary to have a constant stream of high quality content to share online.

Heidi works with small (and large!) businesses to build a stockpile of original imagery that can be published over time, showcasing a client's products or services through high end photography. Heidi's past projects include Potbelly Sandwich Shop, The Museum of Science and Industry, Chamberlain School of Nursing and Kalahari Resorts.

How? How many? And how much?

After a consultation to understand your requirements and brand, Heidi will spend a day photographing your products or services on site or in a special studio setting. This will result in 50 different images, each provided in a range of web-ready formats and sizes. Why 50? If your business sends email newsletters or posts on social media once a week, 50 images will cover a year. 

Think about that. A whole year's worth of marketing pictures done in one go. No searching on stock websites, no frustrating hours trying to get your own camera to work right, no uncertainty about how many pictures you should take at a time.

The cost for this service is $1,500. It's a flat fee, making it easy to incorporate in your marketing budget. 

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